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Botox and more- facial aesthetics at Pearl, Dublin 2


Botox (muscle relaxing injections) and Collagen Fillers available at Pearl Dental Practice, Facial Aesthetic Clinic and Beauty Salon, Dublin 2, (01 679 0625), and also Newbridge, Co. Kildare (045 431 676).

What has this to do with dentistry? Plenty my friends! How many of you would frame a masterpiece in a tatty old frame from the junk shop? Much the same with a smile. If you spend lots of time and money perfecting and enhancing your smile, for some people, a little work on the frame can do wonders! At our studio on Nassau Street,we offer these services as a complement to our dental treatments, and are of course fully trained to do so. Contact us for more information, or follow this link for information on how these treatments work.

What makes a dentist the right person to carry out such treatments? That’s a simple one to answer. A dentist is specifically and intensively trained in the anatomy of the face, and spends his/ her time dealing solely with this region. They also spend considerable amounts of time providing injections in this most delicate of areas, and as such are highly skilled in their injection techniques. Because some of these aesthetic treatments in the lip region can be quite uncomfortable, it is often an advantage to be numb before treatment commences, and being that the anaesthetic injections required are standard dental procedures, who better to undertake such treatment?

Finally, as dentists we are often involved in the cosmetic improvement of a patients smile, and therefore have an acute awareness of symmetry, and ideal aesthetic requirements, and as such are able to advise on the most appropriate enhancements, and the limitations thereof, for each individual case.

Muscle relaxing injections for the forehead, brow and eye regions start from €250 for a single region, with Dermal fillers available from €300- €350 for the first treatment syringe. We use a variety of different filler products, depending on your own specific requirements, with all products being fully approved and tested. Our main fillers are the ranges from Restylane, Juvederm, Teosyal, and Radiesse. Generally, we will advise you as to the product to be used, but if you have previously had filler treatment, and wish us to use a specific product, we are happy to oblige.

Contact us on 01 679 0625, (045 431 676 for Newbridge), or via, and don’t forget to check out our special offers on beauty treatments for some pampering treats.

In simple terms, for natural appearance, ‘a young smile needs a young face…’

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