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10 Simple Tips on Beating That Cellulite Just in Time for Summer, with a little help from Pearl Beauty Salon, Dublin 2

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Are you sick and tired of that “orange peel” look? Unfortunately for us women, (yes, it’s quite a rare thing to see a man with dimpled quads and glutes- and I will explain why later), we are cursed with the “cellulite genes”.

 So, if a woman eats healthily, exercises etc, cellulite can be prevented from forming and can be kept at bay. But in this day and age, in our unhealthy fast food and junk food comsuming Irish society, statistics show 95% of women are suffering with the disorder. Yes suffering! You do not have to be overweight either to have cellulite, even on the thinnest of models it can sometimes be seen. So what is cellulite? And why do we get it?

Cellulite is a disorder of the connective tissue in the subcutaneous fatty layer of the skin. Our connective tissue contains fat cells which store the fat we eat and the toxins from our intake. In a woman’s body, fat cells are arranged in large upright chambers, allowing for large amounts of fat to be stored. In a man’s body, fat cells are arranged in small slanted chambers, therefore allowing small quantities of fat to be stored. A man’s body is also made up of more muscle to fat ratio, as opposed to a woman’s composition. Anyway, if you eat very unhealthily, do not exercise and intake quantities of alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine etc, where do you think all this fat is stored? Yes, in the large fat cells partly composing our bodies! Over time the fat and toxins in these cells build up and start to harden giving the dimpled effect.

Not only does an unhealthy body contribute to a woman’s cellulite problem, but we also have a helping hand with the hormone Oestrogen. The joys!   

The good thing is though, if we put our minds to it and decide we want to beat this awful “orange peel” look, we can! And in this recession time, I have put together a few simple low- cost tips on how you can banish your cellulite, in a matter of weeks or months(depending on the severity).

1 ) Firstly, the most important rule of the process is??? Drink plenty of water. You need to be drinking two litres of water a day to flush out all of those fat cells of fatty deposits and toxins, and also to keep the skin hydrated and looking healthy and smooth.

2 ) Everyday whilst having your shower, exfoliate for five minutes on the affected areas to soften the fat cells under the skin and to increase the circulation of blood and waste. Always scrub in upward motions towards the heart. You can make your own scrub at home with olive oil and coffee grains, it works wonders!

3 ) Cut out any bad foods (especially caffeine) and start eating more vegetables, fruit, fibre and fish, especially green veg, which contains enormous amounts of antioxidants. These types of foods won’t get trapped or harden in fat cells.

4 ) Excercise! Not only will it keep your body youthful, slim and toned, it will speed up your metabolism and waste flow out of the body and prevent fat from storing and hardening.

5 ) Cut out cigarettes and alcohol. These are the worst offenders! They are full of nasty toxins which accumulate in the body and help cellulite take over. Never mind all of the other health risks involved!

6 ) Buy yourself a body brush. They don’t cost much and using it on the affected areas twice a day, before showering if possible, will help you no end in banishing the cellulite. Use in upward stokes towards the heart and make sure to brush about 50 strokes on each area, each time. Try to get a brush with quite strong bristles. You may find it stings to begin with but this will lessen as you get used to it.

7 ) The second thing you need after your shower to apply to the affected areas is a cellulite cream/ gel. Massage this firmly into the skin twice a day, again in upward strokes.

8 ) When in the shower, alternate the temperature of the water from hot to cold , back again and so forth. Doing this is great for the circulation and getting everything moving under the skin.

9 ) When you are on the way to beating your cellulite why don’t you reward all your hard work with a nice treat. Body Wraps are an excellent way to help banish cellulite and they are pampering as well! Here at Pearl Beauty Salon we offer a fantastic anti-cellulite inch loss body wrap, which will boost your confidence even more and definitely have you ready for the summer. At a low cost of only €22.50 at the moment, it is the perfect treat for your new programme.

10) A glass of hot water and lemon each morning or herbal tea is a great anti-oxidant and will help you get rid of those toxins and nasty fats even quicker. They aid digestion and a few cups/glasses a day will not only detox your body but can actually stoke up your metabolism.  Plus there are so many delicious and tasty flavours out there at the moment.

Finally, get them legs waxed and grab your bikini because you are now ready for a cellulite free summer!

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Our Harley Inch Loss Body Wrap System consists of wrapping the body in elastic and cotton wrap bandages, which have been soaking in an Aloe Vera formula before wrapping. They are then warmed gently. The warmth of the wraps opens the pores of the skin allowing the solution to penetrate into the dermal layer.
Before the bandages are applied, a detoxifying anti- cellulite gel is applied to the problematic areas to enhance the treatment even further.
After you are completely wrapped you will put on a sauna suit that will keep the wraps moist with our aloe/mineral/vitamin/herb solution. This suit keeps the warmth in, allowing the pores to absorb the solution while you are resting for 1 hour.

Body Wrapping eliminates toxins and poisons, reduces cellulite, increases skin elasticity, it firms and tones, can sooth aching muscles and it aids inch loss. A truly gentle detoxifying treatment with additional health benefits.

The pure Aloe Vera works as a carrier to take the vitamins, minerals and herbs to the third layer of skin, called the adipose “fat” layer, and therefore helps break-up fat cells. Once these tissues have broken down they are then flushed out through the body’s natural waste system, and to encourage this cleansing process it is important to drink at least 8 glasses of water each day to help flush out further toxins and impurities after the wrap.

Follow this link for more information on body wrap techniques.

The entire wrap process takes approximately two hours,. Thirty minutes is spent on measuring and wrapping, one hour is spent in the wraps, with thirty minutes post measuring. With our Inch Loss Body Wraps you can expect to lose between six and fifteen inches in one visit!
The number of wraps you will need depends on the amount of inches that you want to lose. Inch loss will vary from wrap to wrap for several reasons: Percentage of body fat, elasticity of skin, and the inches will stay off if you follow our recommendations and homecare advice.

The Inch Loss Body Wrap at Pearl Beauty Salon is also great for reducing cellulite.

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