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30% off many beauty and massage treatments at Pearl Beauty Salon, Dublin 2

Following an extended run of exceptionally low priced beauty and massage treatments, we have finally had to bring our outstanding 50% discount offer to an end on the 4th September.

But despite the sad demise of our 50% offer, we will continue to offer 30% off many treatments for a period of time, so rest assured in still being able to avail of exceptional prices and value when you visit us at Pearl Beauty Salon, Dublin 2. We will also have further selected special offers to follow, so keep an eye on the new posts appearing here to ensure that you don’t miss a bargain!

Call us now on 01 679 0625 for appointments, and check out our range of treatments at

Gel Nails €45 now available at Pearl Beauty Salon, Dublin 2

Here at Pearl Beauty Salon, Dublin 2, we are now able to offer gel nails at the outstanding price of €45 for a full set.

Our experienced nail technicians are available every Thursday to Saturday, and Tuesdays/ Wednesdays by prior booking. In addition to the gel nail treatments, we also offer conventional nail treatments and manicures using Jessica Nail products, and with our massage pedicure chair, allied with Jessica Zenspa pedicure products, we can offer exceptionally relaxing and therapeutic pedicures to make even the worst of days seem that bit more acceptable.

Call us now on 01 679 0625 for more information, or to arrange an appointment for your little pampering treat.

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Debs Packages at Pearl Beauty Salon

debs pic

If you want to look your best on one of the most important social nights of your school years, look no further than our great package deals at Pearl Beauty Salon.

Package One (€80) 

  • Full Body Spray Tan
  • Eye Combo (includes brow shape, brow and lash tint)
  • File and Paint/ French Polish- Fingers and Toes

Package Two (€80)

  • Full Body Spray Tan
  • Make-up Application
  • File and Paint/ French Polish- Fingers and Toes

Package Three (€80)

  • Half Body Spray Tan
  • Eye Combo
  • Mini Manicure

Package Four (€80)

  • Waxing ( two areas)
  • Express Facial
  • Eye Combo

We can also arrange tailor-made packages to your specific requirements. Just call us, or e-mail your requirements, and we will organise a treatments package at our best price, and if you have friends or family that wish to join you, we can arrange group packages also.

If you would like more information on our Debs Packages or would like to book an appointment with us, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at or call us on 01-679 0625.

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Specialist waxing now available at Pearl Beauty Salon, Dublin 2

Silky smooth skin with waxing at Pearl Beauty Salon, Dublin 2

Silky smooth skin with waxing at Pearl Beauty Salon, Dublin 2

Here at Pearl Beauty Salon, Dublin 2, our new partnership with Lotus Beauty Salon is already beginning to bear fruit. We are now able to offer a full range of waxing options, including Brazilian, Hollywood, and just about anything else you can imagine for waxing! Male waxing also available.

Using only experienced waxing technicians, and our highly rated Australian Tea Tree wax products, we can guarantee the smoothest and longest lastest finish, and with a range of after care products to help maintain that silky smooth feeling, you can be assured of maximum self confidence and comfort after your visit to our city centre salon.

Prices for specialist waxing are currently subject to a 20% discount, making the price for a full Brazilian or Hollywood only €40! Call us now on 01 679 0625 to book your appointment.

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New Pampering Packages at Pearl Beauty Salon, Dublin 2

picsfor blogIf you are looking to really pamper and indulge yourself, or you want to treat a partner or friend with the perfect gift, our new Pampering Packages at Pearl Beauty Salon are ideal.

We are offering three types of Pampering Packages at present, which are varied to suit your preference.

Package One- The Facial Package (€150) -consists of a Dermalogica Prescriptive Facial, a relaxing Back, Neck and Shoulder massage followed by a Deluxe Jessica Manicure with paraffin wax. This three and a half hour treat is the perfect way to relax.

Package Two- The Pedicure Package (€120) – includes a Dermalogica Express Facial and a Hot Stone Back Massage, finishing with a Deluxe Jessica Pedicure with paraffin wax. The ultimate way to spend three hours and to unwind on your day off!

Package Three- The Body Scrub Package (€120)– Relax for three hours and leave everything to us with this pampering package consisting of a Full Body Scrub, a Full Body Swedish Massage and a Dermalogica Express Facial.

In addition to our pampering packages, we are providing great Debs Packages and a lovely Wedding Package, of which details can also be found on our blog.

If you would like any more information on our packages or would like to book an appointment with us, please call us on 01- 6790625 or e-mail us at

10 Simple Tips on Beating That Cellulite Just in Time for Summer, with a little help from Pearl Beauty Salon, Dublin 2

Inch loss body wraps 50% off at Pearl Beauty Salon, Dublin 2

Are you sick and tired of that “orange peel” look? Unfortunately for us women, (yes, it’s quite a rare thing to see a man with dimpled quads and glutes- and I will explain why later), we are cursed with the “cellulite genes”.

 So, if a woman eats healthily, exercises etc, cellulite can be prevented from forming and can be kept at bay. But in this day and age, in our unhealthy fast food and junk food comsuming Irish society, statistics show 95% of women are suffering with the disorder. Yes suffering! You do not have to be overweight either to have cellulite, even on the thinnest of models it can sometimes be seen. So what is cellulite? And why do we get it?

Cellulite is a disorder of the connective tissue in the subcutaneous fatty layer of the skin. Our connective tissue contains fat cells which store the fat we eat and the toxins from our intake. In a woman’s body, fat cells are arranged in large upright chambers, allowing for large amounts of fat to be stored. In a man’s body, fat cells are arranged in small slanted chambers, therefore allowing small quantities of fat to be stored. A man’s body is also made up of more muscle to fat ratio, as opposed to a woman’s composition. Anyway, if you eat very unhealthily, do not exercise and intake quantities of alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine etc, where do you think all this fat is stored? Yes, in the large fat cells partly composing our bodies! Over time the fat and toxins in these cells build up and start to harden giving the dimpled effect.

Not only does an unhealthy body contribute to a woman’s cellulite problem, but we also have a helping hand with the hormone Oestrogen. The joys!   

The good thing is though, if we put our minds to it and decide we want to beat this awful “orange peel” look, we can! And in this recession time, I have put together a few simple low- cost tips on how you can banish your cellulite, in a matter of weeks or months(depending on the severity).

1 ) Firstly, the most important rule of the process is??? Drink plenty of water. You need to be drinking two litres of water a day to flush out all of those fat cells of fatty deposits and toxins, and also to keep the skin hydrated and looking healthy and smooth.

2 ) Everyday whilst having your shower, exfoliate for five minutes on the affected areas to soften the fat cells under the skin and to increase the circulation of blood and waste. Always scrub in upward motions towards the heart. You can make your own scrub at home with olive oil and coffee grains, it works wonders!

3 ) Cut out any bad foods (especially caffeine) and start eating more vegetables, fruit, fibre and fish, especially green veg, which contains enormous amounts of antioxidants. These types of foods won’t get trapped or harden in fat cells.

4 ) Excercise! Not only will it keep your body youthful, slim and toned, it will speed up your metabolism and waste flow out of the body and prevent fat from storing and hardening.

5 ) Cut out cigarettes and alcohol. These are the worst offenders! They are full of nasty toxins which accumulate in the body and help cellulite take over. Never mind all of the other health risks involved!

6 ) Buy yourself a body brush. They don’t cost much and using it on the affected areas twice a day, before showering if possible, will help you no end in banishing the cellulite. Use in upward stokes towards the heart and make sure to brush about 50 strokes on each area, each time. Try to get a brush with quite strong bristles. You may find it stings to begin with but this will lessen as you get used to it.

7 ) The second thing you need after your shower to apply to the affected areas is a cellulite cream/ gel. Massage this firmly into the skin twice a day, again in upward strokes.

8 ) When in the shower, alternate the temperature of the water from hot to cold , back again and so forth. Doing this is great for the circulation and getting everything moving under the skin.

9 ) When you are on the way to beating your cellulite why don’t you reward all your hard work with a nice treat. Body Wraps are an excellent way to help banish cellulite and they are pampering as well! Here at Pearl Beauty Salon we offer a fantastic anti-cellulite inch loss body wrap, which will boost your confidence even more and definitely have you ready for the summer. At a low cost of only €22.50 at the moment, it is the perfect treat for your new programme.

10) A glass of hot water and lemon each morning or herbal tea is a great anti-oxidant and will help you get rid of those toxins and nasty fats even quicker. They aid digestion and a few cups/glasses a day will not only detox your body but can actually stoke up your metabolism.  Plus there are so many delicious and tasty flavours out there at the moment.

Finally, get them legs waxed and grab your bikini because you are now ready for a cellulite free summer!

Cellulite reducing body wraps at Pearl Beauty Salon, Dublin 2

Gift Vouchers Now Available at Pearl Beauty Salon, Dublin 2

We here at Pearl Beauty Salon on Nassau Street, Dublin 2, would like to inform you all that we now have gift vouchers available for purchase from the beauty salon, and will also make these available from our online shop shortly.

If you’re struggling to think of a gift for that special lady (or man), or have a sister/ mother/ granny, brother, father, grandpa, for whom present buying is impossible, treat them to a voucher that gives them access to our full range of beauty treatments and massage therapies.

The beauty salon vouchers may also be redeemed against our range of products for purchase, which includes Dermalogica skin care products, Max and Benjamin Candles and gift packs, Reed diffuser room fragrances, Dental care products, Make-up products, Nail polishes and repair products, and even original oil and acrylic paintings! 

For more information, contact our Dublin Beauty Salon on 01 679 0625, or simply drop in during opening hours.

Pearl beauty salon, Dublin 2- Vouchers available

Pearl Beauty Salon Dublin- Treatments and Prices…30% off all beauty, nail and massage treatments. BOOK NOW!

Our most recent development here at Pearl is the addition of a full service beauty salon in our premises in Nassau Street, Dublin 2. Our services have been specifically selected to offer the ultimate in beauty therapy, using high end product ranges to compliment our stylish studio style salon. Find more details at

Dermalogica has been one of the most recognised and researched Professional Beauty ranges in the world for many years, and was an obvious choice for our facial and body treatments.

Fake Bake spray tan is the choice of many in the public eye for it’s natural and even glow, and offers 3 shades of tan to ensure the most appropriate colour for everyone. No Oompa-Loompas here!

Jessica Nail products have been selected for our manicures for the diversity of their colour ranges, and for the wide range of nail treatments they provide to deal with all types of nails, and conditions, strong, weak, brittle or poorly growing nails can all benefit from a Jessica manicure.

Our Pedicure chair is a truly luxurious experience, offering relaxing remote controlled massage for the back, whilst our therapist works her magic on your feet in the spa pool, before applying appropriate treatments and finishes for that professional look and feel.

Massage is offered by our beauty therapist for relaxation and stress relief, and can be combined with aromatherapy to enhance the experience. We also offer sports massage and other specialist massage therapies with our qualified massage therapist.

Waxing is now a significant part of life for many of you. We only use Australian Tea Tree waxes, which make the experience as comfortable and straightforward as possible, and offer a wide variety of waxing treatments for both men and women.

More information on the full range of our treatments can be found below, along with prices for each. We have an on site wet room for showering after some of the body wrap treatments, and can arrange for block booking of the beauty salon for groups and parties for certain times.

If you require further information, you can contact us at:, or through our website A full list of treatments and prices can be found in the beauty section of the site. Our on-line shop for product sales will also be accessible through the main site, and all products will also be available directly through the salon.

Contact us now on 01 679 0625 to arrange your first appointment with Pearl Beauty Salon, Dublin 2.

To view the pages below in full detail, you will need to click on the thumbnail, then click again to enlarge, and one more time if further clarity is required, but all the information is more easily accessed through the main website,

30% off Sports and relaxation massage now available in Dublin 2

We here at Pearl beauty salon and dental practice, Dublin 2, are delighted to welcome Louise King as the newest member of our team. Louise is qualified in several areas of massage, most notably:

  • Sports Massage for relief before and after intense training or for treatment of sports injuries. Rehabilitation and prevention programs are part of the program.
  • Swedish/ Tension Massage for tension relief and relaxation. Great as a treat at the end of a long day! Also available as a lunchtime special.
  • Indian Head Massage inspires tranquility and can be a very powerful massage technique in the relief of stress.
  • Stress Massage is great for those who spend their day hunched over a desk, and helps alleviate posture induced tension.
  • Reflexology is a holistic treatment used for the treatment and relief of many ailments. It can be effective in the management of chronic migraine, painful periods, digestive problems, arthritis if non-inflamed, certain types of depression, and the relief of stress. A very relaxing and calming treatment.
  • Aromatherapy. Used for far too many reasons to list them all here. Louise offers aromatherapy facials with acupressure (based on Chinese techniques), which includes the use of oils, massage and facial cleansing. She also offers aromatherapy massage, which takes around 90mins, but combines Swedish massage, lymph drainage, sports massage, pressure point therapy, reflexology points on the feet, and of course the essential oils. The ultimate in self-indulgence for the perfect wind-down after a long week!

If you feel the need for a little pampering, are suffering after a hard week at work, or simply feel like an indulgent treat, call us now on 01 679 0625 to arrange an appointment, or check out for prices and treatments available.

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