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Lash Bar @ Pearl Beauty, Morrison Chambers, Dublin 2.

Lashes are big news at the moment!! We at Pearl have a wide variety of  lashes to choose from offering everything from a discreet look to a “HEY LOOK AT ME” flutter!!  With prices starting from 10 euros we are sure we have the look to suit you!! Call us now on 01 679 0625 or 087 6752561 to arrange your appointment.

Stunning eyelashes from Pearl Beauty, Dublin 2

Saturday Special at Pearl Beauty, Nassau St., Dublin 2

This weeks special at Pearl Beauty on  Nassau Street is one not to be missed. Our “Quick Fix” involves a nail file and paint using the latest colours from Creative and Jessica nails, and also some eyelash extensions, all for the unbeatable price of 20 euros. Call now for your appointment- 01 6790625 office hours, or 087 6752561. Alternatively, email us:

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Chapped, Dry Lips? We at Pearl Beauty, Dublin 2, have the Answers.

The skin on our lips is the thinnest of all. This extreme cold followed by central heating has caused most people to have dry, chapped lips. Not only is it unsightly, it can actually feel quite uncomfortable. Help is at hand to suit everyones budget!! In the evening use a soft tooth brush to gently exfoliate the dead skin cells, then thickly apply “Climate Control” from Dermalogica.  This “must have” product is available alone, or is included in the Dermalogica Skin Kit. 

Additionally, Free Dermalogica Face Mapping now available from Pearl Beauty, Morrison Chambers, Nassau St, Dublin 2.  This ensures that your skin is receiving the exact products that it needs. Currently a Dermalogica Kit retails at €30.30 for a months supply of products to ensure your skin and lips are at their best despite our climate!

Book your free face mapping, or any of our other treatments on 01 679 0625.

Dry, Dehydrated, Sensitive skin? Affordable Dermalogica facials at Pearl Beauty Salon.

The combination of central heating and extreme cold is having a detrimental effect on everybody’s skin. Managing this skin condition is easier than we think, and help is at hand in the form of DERMALOGICA’S SENSITIVE SKIN KIT, available now at PEARL BEAUTY at Morrison Chambers, Nassau Street, Dublin 2.

Our Beauty Therapist, Michelle, is now available to carry out DERMALOGICA Facial treatments, ensuring your skin gets exactly what it needs to combat these extreme weather conditions.  Book now on 01 679 0625.

It is also very important to remember that the vital moisture our skin requires comes from within. It is vitally important that we drink our 6/8 glasses water a day, and remember that water can also be taken in the form of herbal teas.


An oasis of calm in Dublin City, whether you require a quick manicure, a relaxing body massage, waxing, or a spray tan, we are here to help. We  can offer you many treatments  to enhance your appearance, rejuvenate your body, calm your mind and uplift your soul.

30% off many beauty and massage treatments at Pearl Beauty Salon, Dublin 2

Following an extended run of exceptionally low priced beauty and massage treatments, we have finally had to bring our outstanding 50% discount offer to an end on the 4th September.

But despite the sad demise of our 50% offer, we will continue to offer 30% off many treatments for a period of time, so rest assured in still being able to avail of exceptional prices and value when you visit us at Pearl Beauty Salon, Dublin 2. We will also have further selected special offers to follow, so keep an eye on the new posts appearing here to ensure that you don’t miss a bargain!

Call us now on 01 679 0625 for appointments, and check out our range of treatments at

Gel Nails €45 now available at Pearl Beauty Salon, Dublin 2

Here at Pearl Beauty Salon, Dublin 2, we are now able to offer gel nails at the outstanding price of €45 for a full set.

Our experienced nail technicians are available every Thursday to Saturday, and Tuesdays/ Wednesdays by prior booking. In addition to the gel nail treatments, we also offer conventional nail treatments and manicures using Jessica Nail products, and with our massage pedicure chair, allied with Jessica Zenspa pedicure products, we can offer exceptionally relaxing and therapeutic pedicures to make even the worst of days seem that bit more acceptable.

Call us now on 01 679 0625 for more information, or to arrange an appointment for your little pampering treat.

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Debs Packages at Pearl Beauty Salon

debs pic

If you want to look your best on one of the most important social nights of your school years, look no further than our great package deals at Pearl Beauty Salon.

Package One (€80) 

  • Full Body Spray Tan
  • Eye Combo (includes brow shape, brow and lash tint)
  • File and Paint/ French Polish- Fingers and Toes

Package Two (€80)

  • Full Body Spray Tan
  • Make-up Application
  • File and Paint/ French Polish- Fingers and Toes

Package Three (€80)

  • Half Body Spray Tan
  • Eye Combo
  • Mini Manicure

Package Four (€80)

  • Waxing ( two areas)
  • Express Facial
  • Eye Combo

We can also arrange tailor-made packages to your specific requirements. Just call us, or e-mail your requirements, and we will organise a treatments package at our best price, and if you have friends or family that wish to join you, we can arrange group packages also.

If you would like more information on our Debs Packages or would like to book an appointment with us, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at or call us on 01-679 0625.

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Specialist waxing now available at Pearl Beauty Salon, Dublin 2

Silky smooth skin with waxing at Pearl Beauty Salon, Dublin 2

Silky smooth skin with waxing at Pearl Beauty Salon, Dublin 2

Here at Pearl Beauty Salon, Dublin 2, our new partnership with Lotus Beauty Salon is already beginning to bear fruit. We are now able to offer a full range of waxing options, including Brazilian, Hollywood, and just about anything else you can imagine for waxing! Male waxing also available.

Using only experienced waxing technicians, and our highly rated Australian Tea Tree wax products, we can guarantee the smoothest and longest lastest finish, and with a range of after care products to help maintain that silky smooth feeling, you can be assured of maximum self confidence and comfort after your visit to our city centre salon.

Prices for specialist waxing are currently subject to a 20% discount, making the price for a full Brazilian or Hollywood only €40! Call us now on 01 679 0625 to book your appointment.

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New Pampering Packages at Pearl Beauty Salon, Dublin 2

picsfor blogIf you are looking to really pamper and indulge yourself, or you want to treat a partner or friend with the perfect gift, our new Pampering Packages at Pearl Beauty Salon are ideal.

We are offering three types of Pampering Packages at present, which are varied to suit your preference.

Package One- The Facial Package (€150) -consists of a Dermalogica Prescriptive Facial, a relaxing Back, Neck and Shoulder massage followed by a Deluxe Jessica Manicure with paraffin wax. This three and a half hour treat is the perfect way to relax.

Package Two- The Pedicure Package (€120) – includes a Dermalogica Express Facial and a Hot Stone Back Massage, finishing with a Deluxe Jessica Pedicure with paraffin wax. The ultimate way to spend three hours and to unwind on your day off!

Package Three- The Body Scrub Package (€120)– Relax for three hours and leave everything to us with this pampering package consisting of a Full Body Scrub, a Full Body Swedish Massage and a Dermalogica Express Facial.

In addition to our pampering packages, we are providing great Debs Packages and a lovely Wedding Package, of which details can also be found on our blog.

If you would like any more information on our packages or would like to book an appointment with us, please call us on 01- 6790625 or e-mail us at

30% off Incredible Inch Loss Body Wraps at Pearl Dental and Beauty Clinic, Dublin 2

Our Harley Inch Loss Body Wrap System consists of wrapping the body in elastic and cotton wrap bandages, which have been soaking in an Aloe Vera formula before wrapping. They are then warmed gently. The warmth of the wraps opens the pores of the skin allowing the solution to penetrate into the dermal layer.
Before the bandages are applied, a detoxifying anti- cellulite gel is applied to the problematic areas to enhance the treatment even further.
After you are completely wrapped you will put on a sauna suit that will keep the wraps moist with our aloe/mineral/vitamin/herb solution. This suit keeps the warmth in, allowing the pores to absorb the solution while you are resting for 1 hour.

Body Wrapping eliminates toxins and poisons, reduces cellulite, increases skin elasticity, it firms and tones, can sooth aching muscles and it aids inch loss. A truly gentle detoxifying treatment with additional health benefits.

The pure Aloe Vera works as a carrier to take the vitamins, minerals and herbs to the third layer of skin, called the adipose “fat” layer, and therefore helps break-up fat cells. Once these tissues have broken down they are then flushed out through the body’s natural waste system, and to encourage this cleansing process it is important to drink at least 8 glasses of water each day to help flush out further toxins and impurities after the wrap.

Follow this link for more information on body wrap techniques.

The entire wrap process takes approximately two hours,. Thirty minutes is spent on measuring and wrapping, one hour is spent in the wraps, with thirty minutes post measuring. With our Inch Loss Body Wraps you can expect to lose between six and fifteen inches in one visit!
The number of wraps you will need depends on the amount of inches that you want to lose. Inch loss will vary from wrap to wrap for several reasons: Percentage of body fat, elasticity of skin, and the inches will stay off if you follow our recommendations and homecare advice.

The Inch Loss Body Wrap at Pearl Beauty Salon is also great for reducing cellulite.

So if you are feeling the extra few pounds before Summer Season arrives and are looking for an easy way to shed them, give us a call at Pearl Dental and Beauty Clinic on 01 679 0625, or e-mail us at for your incredible Inch Loss Body Wrap!

 We also have special offers on many other beauty and massage treatments.